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Spring Thing #2 - Cathy Theys: Giving Back to the Drupal Community in a Truly Personal Way

by Luke Anderson, Sat, 3/29/2014
As you hopefully already know, Breakthrough Technologies is strongly committed to open source in principle, and to Drupal in particular.  We've been a Drupal Association member in the past, and we've sponsored the last few DrupalCons, as well as some local DrupalCamps.

A Cool Take on Data Visualization in the NBA

by Brian Ryback, Business Development Manager, Wed, 3/26/2014

Here at Breakthrough we have a few rabid sports fans and this infographic that crossed our desks last week was just too cool not to share.

Andrew Bergmann of published a visual representation of how much an NBA starting lineup will pass the ball between 2 players, and the results were pretty awesome.


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