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Breakthrough Technologies, LLC Developing Education Assessment System for NCSC Multi-State Consortium

by Kate O'Connor, Business Development Manager, Mon, 2/17/2014

To enhance the educational opportunities of students with significant cognitive disabilities – a traditionally underserved population – Breakthrough Technologies, LLC will be developing a comprehensive software assessment system for the National Center and State Collaborative.

CNT’s Sr. VP, Steve Perkins, Welcomes Participants

Why a Hackathon Might Be Just What Your Association Needs

by Dave Jaffe, Media Relations, Thu, 12/19/2013

In an article just published in the American Society of Association Executives publication Associations Now Plus, Doug Wilson, Breakthrough Technologies’ co-founder and managing partner, offers thoughtful advice for associations about how, when, and if a hackathon can support their cause. 

Photo of starting line on paved road.

Considering an update of your organization website? Six tips on where to begin.

by Dave Jaffe, Media Relations, Sat, 12/14/2013

When should your association update its website?  Every six months? Every five years? Only after it blows up?

Stephen Campbell, government affairs manager for Dialysis Patient Citizens that recently revamped their website, offers a thoughtful checklist of factors that organizations should consider before plunging into a revamp.


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