Loco is the application factory that turns every citizen into a coding ninja. Let the awesomeness begin.

Loco is the software platform of the future. A future unconstrained by traditional economics of software development. A future where you decide what apps you need, not your IT department. A future where your apps are available when you need them.

  • Are you frustrated by your ability to share data and documents with your team?

  • Do you have to wait forever to get your IT group to digitize your team's data?

  • Do you struggle to get your data online and available to your team wherever they are?

A better way to build apps.

Building a better world. One app at a time...

Build your apps faster on your Loco Application Factory:

  • Build your app in minutes
  • Deploy it to the cloud in seconds
  • Make it available to your team immediately

Become a coding ninja with Loco!

Make the apps your team needs. Be the hero of your department!

  • Operations


    Create apps that manage data for any aspect of your business operations.

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  • Finance


    Track your operation's financial data. Build datasets and share with your team!

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  • Service


    Build a simple customer support application. Forget the post-it notes.

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  • Secure


    Your data — safe from threats. Available when you want it to the people you allow to see it.

  • Fast


    Build and deploy your app today! Build it as fast as you can think of it!

  • Economical


    Build apps for any part of your business. Define permissions that the app automagically enforces.

Loco intro

An introduction to the Loco Low-Code platform.


  • I am a business analyst and when I see a problem, I want to fix it. In the past, trying to find a way to deploy a custom solution through IT was costly and took way too long. With Loco, I can build an app in minutes, deploy it the same day, and invite my team to use it right then. The next day, we are all up and running on the solution. This has literally changed overnight the way that our team shares data and collaborates on projects!

    Richard Gordon

    Business Analyst

  • Loco is an amazing product! We have tried a large number of platforms that said they'd lower our development costs, and every time we tried to use them, costs and complexity went up! Loco allowed us to use our business teams to create and maintain apps that are available anywhere on the cloud on all of our platforms.

    Robert Basalt

    Chief Information Officer

  • We are a small to mid-sized company of about 35 people. For years we have suffered with sending spreadsheets around to manage small databases that we needed to collaborate on. We had tried to build custom applications to fulfill these needs, but they were too expensive, and by the team we would hire someone, the need for the app had changed, or was likely to. We needed a solution that would fit our budget and allow our teams to share data in real-time, without lengthy production cycles.

    Guillermo Roberts

    Company Founder

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