Meet Our Team

Chicago-based software professionals ready to make your ideas a reality. 
We're smart, we're local, and we're ready to work for you.

Randy Knapp

Managing Partner

Doug Wilson

Managing Partner

Gus Koumarelas

Managing Partner and 

Chief Technology Officer

Katrina Kasten

Director of Program Management

Amy Lavery

Director of Adult Licensure and Certification

Kevin Leonard

Director of Business Development

Sarah Pedroza

Director of Client Success

Jai Rajagopalan

Director of Software Development


Rebekah Abel

Business Analyst

Ahmed Atia

Assessment Solutions Business Development Representative

Craig Brentz

Senior Software Engineer

Katy Browne

Assessment Content Specialist

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Constantin Cojocaru

Senior Software Engineer

Denise Copening

Senior QA Engineer

Bea Cruz

Senior Business Analyst

Jonathan Franks

Senior Developer

Master of the Five-Finger Drupal Punch

Jill Hersch

Office Assistant

Jodie Marshaus

Recruiting Coordinator/HR Specialist

Mina Khalil

Software Engineer

Eric Kirsner

Senior Developer 

Drupal Ninja

Jill Hersch

Sean Knapp


Will Long

Drupal Consultant

Christopher Nolden

Senior Developer

Hrithik Patel

Software Consultant

Nada Qureshi

Business Analyst

Beth Schrag

Dev Ops Engineer

Lynn Sheehy

QA Engineer

Bojan Vulevic

Senior Software Engineer


Michael Wagner

Principle DevOps Engineer


Wrangler of Clouds

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