Drupal 8 Upgrade Success with Breakthrough Technologies

Case Study

Dearborn Capital Management: A New Website that Works for Today

Dearborn Invests in Premium Drupal 8 Online “Real Estate”

Dearborn Capital Management had reached a level of frustration with its aging Drupal 6 based website. They called on Breakthrough Technologies to build a new Drupal 8 based site. They wanted a friendlier authoring experience, enhanced admin control, improved performance, mobile responsivity, and better accessibility for differently-abled users.

Utilizing Drupal 8, Breakthrough Technologies created a corporate website upgrade for Dearborn Capital Management, LLC, a leading real estate investment management firm based in New York.

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BT was able to launch the site a week before its due date. On-site training sessions with the Dearborn staff ensured that they were satisfied and comfortable with the new Drupal design and its features.

Having previously worked with the BT team, Dearborn knew them to be experienced and well versed in Drupal website development, testing, training, and deployment.
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Dearborn is a long standing client of ours. We did their Drupal 6 based site six or eight years ago. After not doing much upgrade for years, they started hitting walls. They couldn’t edit common page elements that are shared across the site, such as the footer and navigation. Traditionally those have not been very editable. They wanted to edit those things in a safe way, without the danger of making disastrous changes to the site. We brought them up to Drupal 8. Content authoring was rough before, and it is very smooth now.
Robert Hernandez, Implementation Manager

Investment Firm’s New Website Provides Improved Location for Business

Dearborn Capital Management wanted a website that allowed them more freedom and control over their content. That included “boilerplate” content in such places as the navigation and footers that used to be accessible only to site developers. They also wanted thorough, personal training for their employees that would allow them to manage their own content after the website was deployed.

They needed their site to be responsive to mobile phones and tablets—and accessible to handicapped users. And they wanted an upgrade on their own authoring and publishing controls.

Collaboration Solves Specific Needs

The collaboration began with the BT team consulting Dearborn on site map architecture and design mockups. Dearborn had clear ideas about what it wanted in the website designs. BT utilized Drupal 8 to fit the website to Dearborn’s parameters. Drupal 8 is an open-source system that is extremely flexible and easy to edit.

In the new website, personnel can be given an author role to create and edit content. Others can have an editor or publisher role, in which they review the copy before they publish it to the site. (In their old setup, everybody was an admin, so anyone could write and publish content, which could lead to problems).

BT also improved Dearborn’s productivity by automating the website performance tables on their investment fund. Previously they had to manually edit an excel-style table nightly. Now the site uses a service that automatically brings in that data every night. A lot of inputting of data is eliminated.

The new site is also much more secure against attacks. A lot of exploits have been discovered in the underlying technology of Drupal 6 over the past decade. Drupal 8 has fixed those, so the site less susceptible to being compromised. Maintenance is also improved. Updating modules with new functionality and improvements used to be difficult. It is much easier in Drupal 8.