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Body Scientific App Now in Deutsch, Français and 中国的

Body Scientific has released localized versions of their medical illustration app for German, French and simplified Chinese. In an effort to make their content available to an international audience the new version of the app features 12 translated charts per language and is being included in marketing campaigns in Germany, France and China. 

Breakthrough localized the UI for German, French and simplified Chinese based on translated content provided by Body Scientific. We also added currency support so now users can purchase content with dollars, yuan and euro. The localization changes were bundled with an update to the latest version of iOS.

Another new feature that users will find useful is the option to restore purchases for easy reloading of content on additional devices. We also implemented the ability to rate the app which will aid Body Scientific in gathering client feedback on their improved features and localized content.

You can download Body Scientific's app in the Appstore but you'll have to be in France, Germany or China, respectively, in order to download any of the localized versions.

Not planning a trip outside of the U.S.? Just check out the screenshots we have so conveniently provided below. 

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