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Responsive Design: A Better Experience For Your Mobile Membership...

and It’s Cheaper Than an iPhone App!

In 2013 mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop usage. This unprecedented usage shift presents a challenge to membership organizations with websites designed for desktops.

Fear not, Responsive Design is here to save the day! Responsive design is a new web technology that recognizes the size of a users screen and presents the user with the best viewing experience based on their device.

A responsive design:

Works with all mobile devicesTakes away the hassle of pinching and zooming to see important informationWon’t change your publishing workflowIs much less expensive than a dedicated mobile site or iPhone appWorks well with content management toolsWill benefit your membership

Here are some successful implementations of Responsive Design that will make you wonder why anyone would build a modern site without making it responsive. To test the responsiveness of a site, stretch / shrink your browser window by dragging the bottom right corner or visit it on a mobile device.

A site that our developers worked on for NBA Player Arron Afflao. Notice the nifty “next” and “previous” buttons in the top corners of the screen.

Clean with beautiful imagery that looks great on every device.

That frog is priceless! Obviously there are no limits to what can be done with responsive designs.

Responsive design is the future. If you are interested in hearing more about Responsive Design and how it could be adapted to your website contact Kevin Leonard at

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