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The Top Three Reasons Why I Love Drupal

Over the last ten years I have used several content management systems. Lately Drupal has been my hands down favorite. It strikes a great balance between ease of use, flexibility and extendibility.

Enough of the business talk! I admit it. I love Drupal and even use it personally for my own website. In fact, there are three key reasons that explain my deep affections for Drupal.

There’s an app for that...Actually a module.

One of my favorite things about Drupal is that there are literally over fourteen thousand free modules available. Finding a module is very similar to the app store on my iPhone. I can go to, search or look through the categories and find the one that best fits my needs. 

Often there is more than one module that can do the job and the reviews help steer my decision. Installing modules is simple and removing them is just as easy. 

Drupal’s modular nature and gigantic developer community allows me to eliminate the need for custom development and try out new features with little cost and no obligation. The other big advantage of the large community is that new technologies and updates to them often make their way into Drupal much faster than other systems. Calendars, scheduling, publishing workflows, airline ticketing systems… There’s a Drupal module for them all.

No licensing fees. Ever.

It’s free!
 Anybody who knows me will tell you that I like Free, but I am also unwilling to give up quality. Lucky for me, Drupal means I don’t have to choose. Drupal is open source, free, and always will be.

Save time. Publish once, Use everywhere…

Even Facebook.
 Drupal is super flexible and it allows me to get more out of the content I produce. I can recycle/reuse my content by featuring it, tagging it and distributing it as a newsletter, feed, or content mash-up. Honestly I have never seen this much flexibility in any CMS system. 

People think I spend hours on tasks that only take me a few minutes.
 Like it or not, these days many of us (looking at you) spend too much time on Facebook. Being able to feed information out into social networks from within Drupal saves me a ton of time and keeps me on task. It also helps drive people back to my site.

As far as I am concerned you would be hard pressed to find a better website content management tool for a website. Believe me, I have tried most of them.

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