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We're a Finalist in's Tech Top 10

Excellent news! We're in the running for HiredMyWay's Tech Top 10 - a competition to recognize the best Illinois-based technology companies to work for. All nominees are required to answer questions about their work environment and company in general. Breakthrough's responses are focused on the unique projects we work on and the flexibility of our work environment.

What Makes Your Tech Company Stand Out from the Rest?

"Breakthrough is fortunate to develop innovative products in the most challenging markets. We find that we are generally on the cutting edge of mobile, open source, and enterprise frameworks. These technical challenges and the high stakes of our projects in complex domains like adult and K-12 testing, medical systems, and new product development keep our best people passionate about their work."

What is the Favorite Thing about Your Company's Culture?

"Transparency is a hallmark of our management culture. Respect and flexibility are cornerstones of our employment policies. We are dedicated to maintaining flexible benefits to allow foreign-born team members the ability to go home for longer periods of time. We have flexible hours to accommodate different work schedules. We have everyone working out of a common area to foster teamwork."

There are about 50 other companies in the contest and the competition is fierce. Help Breakthrough improve its standing and make the Top 10 by taking a couple minutes to vote:

Thanks in advance for anyone who has voted. We would also like to congratulate our fellow finalists. Best of Luck!

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