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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Business Analysis Rescue

The Challenge

BT Business Analysis Teams work with Abbott to Define New Healthcare Product! Onsite analysts integrates tightly with Abbott stakeholders to target proposed product’s requirements, scope!

By deploying BT talent – whether an individual or a development team – Abbott takes on resources already vetted, as opposed to hiring staff through a recruiting firm, which can be hit or miss in delivering the right assistance.

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BT defined a “blueprint” for Abbott's success in healthcare product development.

BT's longtime client Abbott intends to develop a major, new product that will require a multitude of partners and vendors working with internal teams to help the healthcare giant bring that innovation to fruition. In these early planning days BT is providing a business analyst to integrate with the Abbott team and help develop a “blueprint” for product development.

The Solution

Healthcare-industry giant Abbott is underway with a major new project – one that will require multiple partners and vendors to bring it to fruition. Needed during these early stages is a keenly skilled Business Analyst to help the Abbott team define the scope of the project.

Abbott has had a long and successful relationship with BT, dating back to the 1990s when BT's co-founders, Doug Wilson and Randy Knapp, worked for Abbott as Senior Software Engineers.

To find an expert Business Analyst who would work onsite at Abbott Park, in tight integration with Abbott Product Development Team, Abbott turned to BT for a highly-skilled resource.

While details of the product are confidential, the value of BT's Business Analyst was clear.

“Abbott has a wealth of individuals with deep domain knowledge,” says Brian Ryback, the project's Solutions Lead. “The job of BT's Business Analyst was to meet with stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the product, draw out the details of what they plan to build, then translate that information, data, and features into scope documentation and wireframes that the rest of the team will be able to understand and execute.”

“Businesses don’t have the time to qualify if a resource can work with their team,” explains Ryback.  "They just need them to succeed on Day One." 

The role of a Business Analyst is to understand the product environment as it is today, as well as the future of where stakeholders want it to go. From there, the Analyst creates a blueprint, a map of how the product is going to be build, that it scales, is flexible, and can accommodate other features.

Abbott is about the power of health. For more than 125 years, Abbott has been helping people reach their potential – because better health allows people and communities to achieve more. With a diverse, global network serving customers in more than 150 countries, Abbott creates new solutions – across the spectrum of health, around the world, for all stages of life. Whether it’s next-generation diagnostics, life-changing devices, science-based nutrition, or novel reformulations, Abbott is advancing some of the most innovative and revolutionary technologies in healthcare, helping people live their best lives through better health.

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