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The Challenge

Breakthrough Technologies utilized the power of open source JasperReports to provide dashboards for Little City Foundation to view and manage all types of data from a multitude of operating units.

The Little City Foundation was in search of an affordable technological infrastructure that would allow them to better manage their various departments and operating units. Breakthrough Technologies created and deployed an open source JasperReports reporting system for the Foundation so they could view and compare qualitative data from each of their operating units.

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JasperReports allows Little City to review snapshots of financial data out of budgets and expenses. They can input their own census data and track qualitative information on each operating unit. These features allow the Foundation to manage their many operating units more efficiently. Ultimately, it gives them superior decision-making tools for providing a better life for the hundreds of individuals they serve.

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The whole idea was to find an open source technology that Little City could operate indefinitely for free. We built out custom reports and dashboards that gave them access to data that was buried in their systems. We wanted to be able to bring it out and make it actionable so they could use that information to run their departments and their homes more efficiently and with better quality.
Doug Wilson, Managing Partner

The Solution

The Little City Foundation is a Chicago-based, nonprofit organization that provides services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As the Foundation grew, it separated its functions into operating units and assigned directors to each unit. These units were split into categories such as Human Resources, Finance, Programs & Services, Development, and Facilities.

Doug Wilson, co-founder and managing partner of Breakthrough Technology (BT), has been an active member of the Little City Foundation Board of Directors since 2008. He was able to offer the Foundation assistance when it became clear that they needed better access to and analysis of their data to run their operating units.

BT has worked with many nonprofits and associations over the years. Sensitive to their needs for fiscal restraint, BT has amassed a depth of expertise in licensing-free open source software to serve their enterprise requirements. There is a wide variety of open source technology available. BT can identify the best solutions and implement them effectively for an organization. Getting various systems to talk to one another can be a daunting challenge without the expertise that BT provides.

For the reporting framework, BT utilized the Community Edition of a JasperReports server. This core technology is an open-source reporting platform that allows organizations to access various types of data, aggregate it, and generate monthly reports.

Before this effort, the data existed in many separate systems. Little City provides residential services in facilities to adults and children with cognitive disabilities. They could run reports but they couldn’t see how it compared by location or department. For instance, they were not able to break down the data to see why one home had overtime rates that were double that of other homes in the group. BT provided the integration to get all systems communicating together to create enterprise-wide comparisons. The new system now provides Little City a management tool to understand and optimize their delivery of services and their overall business performance.

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