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Au Revoir Bea

Breakthrough is saying good-bye or "Au Revoir" to our Product Engineering Director, Bea Cruz.  SInce starting at Breakthrough in March 2006, Bea has progressed from a Business Analyst role to the Director of Product Engineering, where she led the Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Specialists. In her time as Director, she has helped guide both her department, as well as other departments to standardize requirements, along with creating user stories and following an Agile approach for projects. She has also worked with all of our clients creating long lasting, trusted relationships.

Bea has decided to move to "The City of Lights" or "La Ville-Lumière", also know as Paris, with her husband who has accepted a new role that takes him to this beautiful city. All of us as Breakthrough are extremely sad to lose such a valuable member of our team, but at the same time we are proud of Bea's accomplishments at Breakthrough (not to mention extremely jealous).

Congratulations Bea and Erick.  We wish you all the happiness in the world and will miss you terribly.

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