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Website Development

Crafting a website that is tailored to maximize member engagement and revenue generation is critical for the success of any member-based association. Our web development services are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each organization, ensuring they have the right tools to promote, market, and recruit efficiently.


It’s essential for any association to cultivate a deep connection with its members. We can help you achieve that with our comprehensive discovery process, asking the right questions, doing the necessary research, and drawing from our experience in your field to come up with a tailored strategy that will help increase the engagement of current members, lower membership churn, attract younger members, and return ex-members to your association.


Our vast experience with Associations and Nonprofits is our greatest asset and we ensure that every design or user experience recommendation we make is associated with predefined goals at the onset of the project and measured over time.


Websites, Applications, and Hybrid Apps
Your website is a reflection of your organization; it speaks to the world, engaging and motivating your target audience to take action, collaborate with their peers, and further their careers. At Breakthrough Technologies, we help you harness the potential of your website and digital presence through our web development services. We are focused on your success.

We develop human-focused solutions that are designed to be engaging, easy to use, and secure. Our highly-skilled developers possess the expertise and knowledge needed to build a range of products - from an individual website to a hybrid mobile app or complex applications with multiple points of integration.


Content Management System – Easy yet Powerful

We specialize in implementing websites that empower your content creators and help them be more efficient. Among the available content management systems, Drupal is well-recognized for its widespread adoption by organizations, including government agencies, nonprofits, associations, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. It is an ideal choice for websites with substantial amounts of content, diverse communities of users, and expansive resource libraries.

Key features include:

  • A powerful yet easy-to-use interface

  • Integrated with your AMS and other systems of record

  • Fully mobile responsive designs that look great on any device

  • Customizable content authoring workflows based on your organization

  • Member personalization

  • Member engagement tools

  • Advertising tools

  • Multi-channel content delivery

  • E-commerce tools, including recommendations and add-ons

  • API-Driven integrations with external tools

  • Enterprise Level Performance, Security & Scaling


E-commerce – Generate Revenue and grow your customer bases

We develop and implement e-commerce solutions that simplify the customer experience and build loyal customer bases. Our capabilities include creating single/multi-storefront sites, API integrations with legacy systems, synchronization of purchase data between platforms, headless commerce, and payment processor integrations. We make sure to factor in all aspects of your business, such as logistics, workflow, data migration, customer personas, product recommendations, search, marketing, design, and merchandising, as each is essential to success.


System Integrations – Creating unified digital experiences

We create websites and applications while considering current software systems and data sources. Our experts can connect your external systems such as AMS, CRM, LMS, and more, to provide a smooth experience for members and simplify the workload of staff. Our integration experts are here to ensure the design of your website and previous software are well-coordinated to work together in a seamless way.

Search – Giving members what they want, when they want it

A powerful site search tool from our team can dramatically increase conversions, facilitate user navigation, and lead members to the necessary information. Our team provides superior site search tools that ensure relevant search results and provides strategic services that can maximize the entire search experience.


Hosting and Security
Our hosting services are custom crafted to match the exact specifications of your website, ensuring reliability and security with trusted partners such as Amazon Web Services and Pantheon. Our highly knowledgeable team goes above and beyond to ensure optimal speed, traffic, hardware space, and overall performance, catering to all of your organizational needs.

Project Management

Breakthrough Technologies will be your strategic partner in developing your new website. We are committed to helping you maximize your budget and achieve your goals. Your project will be overseen, beginning to end, by a dedicated project manager. They'll be your liaison—explaining at every step what's happening now, what's happening next, and what you'll need to do.


Our time-tested process will facilitate a successful website design project. At Breakthrough Technologies, we use industry-proven and innovative modern practices for delivering successful project outcomes to our clients. Our web-based tools make it easy to collaborate, manage documents, and track issues by enabling consistent communication between your team and our dedicated project team.


We believe in the success of a well-managed project by people you like and trust. Our project manager facilitates the day-to-day execution of the project plan and coordinates the various communications on a project. They are responsible for scope, budget, schedule, and achieving your vision. In the context of this engagement, the project manager is the primary point of contact for your stakeholders and our team. We focus on providing a personalized client experience with highly experienced and right-sized teams that you will have access to as needed to deliver quantifiable results.

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