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Mobile Development

Native and hybrid mobile apps have become an indispensable component of member engagement, providing a powerful means to connect with members on their preferred devices.


Mobile apps allow your members to stay connected, delivering timely value when they need it most. Take advantage of push notifications to improve your renewal speed, as well as in-app sponsorships and premium experiences to create new sources of revenue. Provide real-time communication between members and offer mentorship programs with well-defined frameworks for conversation. Leverage your app as a virtual personal assistant, giving members more control and visibility into their perks. Make sure members get timely reminders when their involvement matters. Help them manage their professional development by taking control of their continuing education.


At Breakthrough Technologies, we are experts in developing powerful mobile strategies that will help you provide valuable and unique offerings to your members.


We specialize in developing native and hybrid apps that

  • Run on iOS and Android

  • Allow association staff to make content updates easily

  • Empower users to maximize their membership

  • Give organizations new and innovative ways to connect with their members and non-members

  • Integrate with your systems of record

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