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Your solution for K-12 summative tests and assessment

Are your assessments unreliable?

Are you plagued by high assessment costs?

Are you disappointed in the interoperability of your assessment platform with your other systems?

GREAT NEWS!  We deploy a standards-based assessment platform in the cloud that allows you to administer your exam at scale and integrate with your key systems:

  • We use your reporting platform for report delivery;

  • We can ingest rostering data through services and support continuous updates;

  • We allow you to ingest and export your item and test content through QTI, an international standard in question and test interoperability.

High Stakes and Large Scale

Validity has been used in over 28 states in the USA!  We have also tested with loads that are as high as 100,000 concurrent test takers!

Stay Out of the News

Our service team has been using Amazon Web Services to scale efficiently and handle the most significant spikes in your test volume without batting an eye.

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