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DevOps Services

As your business scales and evolves, our DevOps team can provide engineers to ensure that your web applications and systems are well-planned, deployed, monitored, and supported. Our decades of experience with automating code deployment and rollout allows us to quickly and frequently deploy code, and our process and approach keeps up with increasing demand in the cloud. Should any issues arise, our collaborative process ensures that we can resolve them quickly, and our ability to utilize commodity infrastructure keeps costs low. In addition, our team of experts in major technologies is always on hand to help, freeing you to focus on the goals of your business. Leverage Breakthrough Technologies as an extension of your team and reap the rewards.


Our DevOps services can help

Faster deployments

Our decades of expertise in automating code deployment will help you quickly and frequently deploy code, reducing the risk of human error.

Keeping up with demand

We'll utilize automation to ensure that your application remains ahead of the curve, always staying in-line with any and all user demand within the cloud.

Reduce costs

We know how to utilize commodity infrastructure for the needs of your application - and that allows you to optimize your budget.

Focus on your organization

Leverage Breakthrough Technologies as an extension of your Ops team to keep your attention on your company's goals.


Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery is a cloud-based service that provides an easy, cost-effective way to help protect your applications and data from disruptions. The service allows you to replicate your applications and data to multiple Availability Zones (AZs) and/or regions in order to reduce the impact of unexpected events on the availability of your services. Disaster Recovery also offers backup and recovery options so you can restore any lost or damaged files quickly and easily. Additionally, with the automated recovery process, you can set up disaster recovery policies that enable rapid and reliable restores.

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