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Digital simulations help bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-life experiences, allowing professionals to apply their knowledge in a dynamic and engaging web-based environment.  


Virtuoso items create an immersive experience where users can manipulate equipment and interact with patients as they do in their day-to-day profession. Using high-fidelity simulations, Virtuoso offers a next-generation environment for users to review and strengthen or demonstrate their skills.

Maximize your Professional Learning and Assessment Potential  


Whether you want to integrate Virtuoso content into your own assessment platform or learning management system or create a custom solution from scratch, we can help maximize the testing potential of your organization in a cost-effective and customizable way. 

  • Designed using 3D modeling and animation 

  • Integrates into your LMS or assessment platform  

  • Boost learner engagement and skill retention 

  • Create clinical scenarios that test both hard and soft interaction skills  

  • Integrate natural language interactions with human figure/avatar  

  • Customize simulations to imitate equipment and environments used by learners 


Enhance the Learning and Assessment Experience 

Incorporating virtual simulation into your professional learning and assessments allows users to actively demonstrate on-the-job techniques and build their diagnostic reasoning and critical-thinking skills.  


  • Perform ‘hands-on’ procedures in a safe and controlled setting 

  • Manipulate simulated equipment in a natural, fluid way 

  • Engage in conversation and receive real-time feedback  

  • Practice problem-solving, clinical reasoning and treatment techniques 

  • Learn from actions and errors immediately  

  • Build competence in patient care 

Get Your Test into the Cloud

We can host your Assessment Solution completely in the AWS cloud.  We manage your monthly spend, and you get one of the most reliable, scalable assessment environments on the planet.





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