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Testing Solutions

Accurate assessments are paramount to effective learning and essential to the certification and licensure process. We have twenty-five years of expertise helping institutions administer tests and provide proof of knowledge to test takers.

Generate revenue with low-stakes practice tests

Our Valuate platform provides a readymade practice test solution with e-commerce, registration, examination catalog, and reporting functionalities. What sets us apart from other providers is that our framework is customizable - we can complete integrations that others only fantasize about! Valuate is an adaptable practice exam platform dedicated to assisting candidates in assessing their readiness for professional examinations while providing a significant source of new income for your institution.

Going beyond multiple choice with simulations!

Moreover, we offer authentic Simulations for Professional Learning & Assessment Services via our Virtuoso service. Simulations are the perfect marriage between engaging web-based learning and realistic experiences. They allow professionals to test their knowledge and skills within an LMS or (high, mid, low staktes) assessment platform. Within virtuoso simulations, learners can manipulate complex equipment, interact with virtual patients, engage in conversation, solve problems and receive instant feedback on their actions.

Improve candidate success with formative feedback

Helping your membership prepare for high-stakes exams has never been easier. The Verify practice test platform includes advanced HTML5 based item types and helpful feedback to evaluate their performance.

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