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Save time and money on your low and mid-stakes assessments

Valuate provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive, complicated proprietary assessment tools and is designed to meet your personal registration, testing and reporting needs. As a purely web based solution, Valuate gives you numerous options to enrich the user experience and bring your brand to life. 

Do you need an alternative for low and mid-stakes assessment today?

Do you want to be able to change content in minutes, not weeks?

Do you need an integrated e-commerce solution for registration?

Are you tired of paying outrageous per-test fees?

GREAT NEWS! We deploy an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to have a brandable customer experience for your registration, test catalog and reporting use cases, coupled with an award-winning back-end for assessment management and delivery.

Make it Your Own 

Designed with both the administrator and test taker in mind, Valuate is an out-of-the-box solution with built-in flexibility—giving you the freedom to pick and choose the features that are right for you. 

  • Make changes to content and items in minutes (not weeks) 

  • Create and manage item banks 

  • Provide a branded customer experience  

  • Create, import and modify traditional and innovative item types  

  • Customize business rules to fit your organization

  • Eliminate the need for multiple vendors and solutions


Seamless Integration 

Since Valuate’s framework is yours to customize, we can perform integrations that other vendors can only dream of. Plus, you can count on an award-winning back-end platform to deliver a powerful testing experience with ecommerce and registration built in.

  • Unparalleled accessibility  

  • Branded e-commerce system for registration 

  • Customized score reports and aggregate reports  

  • Meet Question & Test Interoperability® (QTI) standards  

  • Integrate into your LMS or other assessment systems  

  • Host your assessment securely in the cloud 

Get Your Test into the Cloud

We can host your Assessment Solution completely in the AWS cloud.  We manage your monthly spend, and you get one of the most reliable, scalable assessment environments on the planet.





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