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Founded in 1998 by three Chicago-based senior software engineers, Breakthrough Technologies, LLC serves clients by creating innovative web, mobile and software solutions for complex problems. We believe that collaborating with our clients and partners gives us the opportunity to combine emerging technologies with innovative thinking to empower organizations, facilitate communication and create positive change on a global scale. 

With a staff of 70 plus dedicated, local professionals, Breakthrough encompasses a wealth of knowledge spanning a variety of industries. Through our extensive experience and a process based on client involvement, we’ve developed a strategy for understanding the unique challenges organizations face. 



Our Strategy

The Breakthrough approach to software solutions is one of discovery, transparency and collaboration. Interaction with you, the client, is at the heart of every project. This approach results in robust solutions that seamlessly mesh form, function and content, create an easy and engaging user experience, clearly communicate your organization's identity and brand, and incorporate a flexibility to expand with your organization’s growing needs.

To visualize, develop and implement a client’s software solution, Breakthrough begins with a comprehensive discovery phase where we systematically identify the needs of your organization, your end users, and the best tactics and technologies to employ that fit your budget. We encourage client participation throughout the entire project - beginning with the discovery phase. This approach ensures our clients' invaluable role as a partner, collaborator and resource.

We believe that successfully developing and executing your technology strategy relies on a superior and engaging user experience, commitment to solid technologies and that technology should be flexible and easy to use. Providing your end users an experience that is engaging and intuitive while reinforcing your organization’s identity is fundamental to every project. Our software engineers develop using tested and proven emerging technologies. Through techniques like these we deliver a genuinely user-friendly product, custom-tailored and scalable to satisfy the changing requirements of your market and audience.

Breakthrough Technologies has grown and prospered since 1998 because we hire the best, most talented personnel – people who love technology for what it can accomplish, who thrive in a collaborative environment, and who welcome the challenges of an evolving tech world. All our work is done in house. Walk through Breakthrough’s offices and you’ll meet all the tech professionals on your project team.

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