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Pitching from the Lap of Luxury

by Bradley Walker, Thu, 7/16/2015
I am in absolute awe of the massive amounts of funding that is available for the best and worst ideas in the tech space. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you have a good team and almost surreal what can be built when you operate in Silicon Valley. It seems to be the place where ideas come to life. There is almost nothing I’d rather do than come up with a great product.
Nada & Bea collaborating in the "hookah lounge".

On the Move, Across the Street: Breakthrough has a New Home

by Dave Jaffe, Media Relations, Thu, 6/4/2015

Fifty yards isn’t far; half a football field, a stroll around the grounds, a really, really short marathon.

But when Breakthrough Technologies departed their old offices recently to move into their new home “just across the way”, they upgraded to a larger, brighter, more inviting space eminently suited to the needs of their expanding staff and growing list of clients.


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