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Announcing the Release of the NCSC Open Source Alternative Assessment Platform

by Monique Muldrow, Wed, 1/14/2015
Breakthrough Technologies is delighted to announce the release of the NCSC Open Source Alternative Assessment Platform. All 50 states are welcome to take advantage of this amazing resource. There are three distribution options from which to choose: content only, platform only or content and platform together. This highly innovative platform is available for a minimal cost through a license from EdCount Management (find more information at EdCount
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Dare to be Different

by Doug Wilson, Tue, 1/26/2016
What are you doing differently in 2016? It’s a great time to ask yourself the question. It's January in Chicago. We are forced to deal with the task of staying alive in a winter that should by all rights extinguish our species or at least force us south for a few months. It’s difficult to contemplate strategy when you’re trying to stay alive.
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Gender Pay Disparity at Breakthrough Technologies

by Doug Wilson, Wed, 1/20/2016
Recently a topic has been circulating the national news about pay disparity in the United States between men and women. The number that seems generally agreed upon (if our statistically-inclined experts can ever agree upon anything) is about 79%. That is the percentage of a man’s salary that a woman receives in this country for doing the same job. It’s a pretty tough number to swallow - 21% pay difference. That’s like working a whole day every week for free, just because you are a woman.
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The Time to Migrate Your Drupal 6 Build is NOW - Migrating from D6-to-D8

by Robert Hernandez, Mon, 1/4/2016
Wondering what the fuss is about Drupal 8? Here’s what you need to know. As applied to software, a deprecated version or release is no longer recommended, and — presuming the software is still being actively maintained — a version that has usually been superseded by a release that is superior in terms of security, stability, and/or underpinning architecture.With the November 19th release of Drupal 8, Drupal 6 falls into that category and will reach end of life on February 24, 2016. What does this mean for you?
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We're Hiring!

by Monique Muldrow, Tue, 12/15/2015
Breakthrough Technologies is growing at a rapid pace, and we’re looking for experienced Business Development and Account Managers. Based just North of Chicago in Evanston, IL, we specialize in using open source technologies to create high-tech custom software, including Content Management Solutions/Website Development, Assessment/Testing Software and Mobile Application Development.


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