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Michelle holding her Certified Usability Analyst Certificate.

Breakthrough’s Mythical Unicorn

by Monique Muldrow, Mon, 9/15/2014

The times they are a changin’ for Breakthrough Technologies’ humble, yet exceptional group. We are in the midst of expanding our BT family and upping our respective game. So, when Breakthrough’s Visual Design Expert, Michelle Sus decided to join the User Experience team, it was quite the coup for them. Our UX team, lead by the savvy Litha Ramirez is proud to have Michelle Sus among them.

Smart phone with beacon.

The Emerging Technology of Beacons

by Brian Ryback, Business Development Manager, Mon, 8/25/2014

Imagine walking in to your favorite store and being sent relevant discounts or offers based on your purchasing history. You might be in the electronics section of a department store and you get a message about that new TV you’re thinking of buying. Or, you’re at a concert and receive a coupon for the band’s new album.


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