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Breakthrough on the Radio!

by Monique Muldrow, Thu, 11/19/2015
Breakthrough Technologies is honored to have been the subject of an interview by Small Business Radio's Don Mazzella. Litha Ramirez, Breakthrough's award winning director of experience strategy and design, sat in for Managing Partner Doug Wilson as an expert lending her insight on how to find, hire and keep top technical talent in a very competitive industry. The program aired live Wednesday, November 17, 2015, and Litha, as usual, was quick witted and succint in her responses.
ADA 25 Year Anniversary 1990-2015

Happy Birthday to the Americans with Disabilities Act!

by Patrick Gallardo, Thu, 11/12/2015
Happy Birthday! That sentiment brings us all to a certain level of nostalgia. Where did the time go? What do you remember? What awaits us in the next chapter? For some it’s a rather cold reminder of time marching on. For some it’s a celebration tinged with excitement for the future. The American Disabilities Act just turned 25 this year. We at Breakthrough are in the latter category. It’s a celebration!
Scrabble board spelling out the words Investing and Future.

Invest for the Future - Looking Beyond the Quarterly Results

by Doug Wilson, Fri, 11/6/2015
Quarterly results are the bane of my existence. Or they would be, if I ran Breakthrough like any other company. Instead, I am accountable to no one other than my partner and my wife, and I instead take every opportunity to maximize our business for the long run, meaning a future that is 3-5 years out. I am extremely fortunate in that my wife and my business partner have extremely modest wealth goals and a great deal of trust that this approach is best for the company, and ultimately for them as well.
Keyboard with lettuce tomatoes and veggies overlapping it.

Why We Rejected Mobile Frameworks and Went Totally Native

by Bradley Walker, Mon, 10/19/2015
Developing a winning mobile User Experience (UX) is similar to delivering a culinary masterpiece to restaurant-goers. The minimization of hurdles between the harvest of produce and the dinner plate makes for a memorable outing because the dish is untainted. In the world of application development, Native Software Development Kits (SDKs) are the purest method by which an application can be developed. Similar to the farm-to-table dining experience, mobile products are best developed with the most organic tools available.


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