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Body Scientific

iOS App and Publication Process

To bring their breath-taking illustrations and designs of anatomy to a larger audience – that was the singular mission set by Body Scientific, an award-winning medical design studio that specializes in creating visual images, content and models to educate students, patients and medical professionals. Needed was a method for distribution and purchase of the studio’s wealth of anatomical designs for textbooks, wall charts and models to audiences beyond the doctors’ offices and TV.


Project Detail

The Solution

Award-Winning App featured in the Apple Ads

Well versed in development for mobile devices, Breakthrough Technologies recommended the creation of an iOS app specifically designed for the iPad, which would serve as a mobile-based store and library for Body Scientific’s digital charts and books. BT also designed the app so that Body Scientific could add new material easily, quickly and without hassle or programming intervention – a savings to them of time and money.

The Body Scientific iPad app has been a great success resulting in more than 100,000 downloads and 10,000 purchases. A well-organized and intuitive interface combined with iPad’s optimized content for high-resolution viewing produces a fantastic experience for users as they browse Body Scientific’s engaging illustrations. Each chart is zoomable for a detailed exploration, and provides a comprehensive list of medical terminology that presents users access to deeper explanations without leaving the app.

Offering more than 70 charts and 15 educational books, the app is “a perfect product for studying and reviewing anatomy, learning basic information about disorders and disease, or just viewing some of the most amazing collection of medical artwork available today,” says Body Scientific.

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