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Illinois Science Assessment

Illinois State Board of Education

The Challenge

State-Wide Performance.  Open-Source Costs.

The Illinois State Board of Education(ISBE) has had a multi-year relationship with Breakthrough, as we have proudly stood up their Illinois Science Assessment since 2015.  Breakthrough used their Validity platform, incubated with Race-To-The-Top federal grant funding, to deliver a cloud-based, scalable platform that allowed ISBE to safely and securely deliver their Science Assessment to half a million students in three grade levels every year.

Every year, Breakthrough has prepared analysis to ensure the absolute reliability of the platform, guarantee its access to all Illinois students, and ensure rostering, scoring, and reporting go as seamless as possible.  BT has stood with the ISBE IT organization, performed extensive third-party security assessments, and worked with a variety of stakeholders to ensure interoperability with student devices, browser lockdown during the assessment, and ensuring districts had appropriate compatibility measures in place to test their networks and delivery devices.

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