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A Drupal Milestone

Eric Kirsner, one of our lead Drupal developers, helped Breakthrough achieve a milestone by successfully contributing to Drupal 8 core. 

Breakthrough started a journey about five years ago by committing to an open-source platform for our content management sites.  That CMS for five years has been Drupal.  Along the way we've supported, sponsoring national conferences, conducted training, and deployed dozens of sites.

One of the elements in our strategy was to give back to the Drupal community by contributing source code, but we’d never much to speak of, aside from small module contributions. 

Well, this week that changed.  Eric contributed to the Drupal 8 core by fixing some issues with forms, and this week they passed the appropriate tests and were accepted!

Thanks to Eric for helping us reach this milestone!  We can't wait to do even more in the future!

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