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Alive: Body Scientific Featured in Apple's Latest iPad Commercial

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Last weekend Apple aired two new, fast-paced commercials which showcase a sampling of the over 300,000 apps available for your 4th generation iPad or iPad mini. Featured among familiar names like TED and Garageband was Body Scientific International's award-winning iPad app.

We're incredibly excited that Apple decided to include BSI's app as part of the lineup but really aren't surprised. Combining the medical design studio's slick illustrations, with iOS development and intuitive user interface design by Breakthrough makes for an impressive visual experience on the iPad's high resolution display.

The free Body Scientific iPad app has been a great success resulting in more 100,000 downloads and 10,000 purchases.

Located in Long Grove, Illinois, Body Scientific International has been raising the standards of medical illustration since 2005. The company’s professional staff of medical illustrators creates visuals for textbook and pharmaceutical companies along with designing anatomical charts, models and iPad apps – all of which are striking in their detail and use of color.

Check out Body Scientific’s impressive portfolio of medical artwork, as well as the awards they have received at

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