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Announcing the Release of the NCSC Open Source Alternative Assessment Platform

By: Monique Muldrow, Senior Marketing Director

Breakthrough Technologies is delighted to announce the release of the  NCSC Open Source Alternative Assessment Platform. All 50 states are welcome to take advantage of this amazing resource. There are three distribution options from which to choose: content only, platform only or content and platform together. This highly innovative platform is available for a minimal cost through a license from EdCount Management (find more information at EdCount Breakthrough Technologies with our partners, Measured Progress and EdCount Management are all committed to finding ways to allow your state to access these terrific resources that we built.  We are very excited to participate in this groundbreaking new approach to testing technology.  We look forward to speaking with you so you can understand how your states and your students can best benefit from these long-term investments. To learn more contact Kate O'Connor at 847.864.0033 x218 | e-mail In this short video, Managing Partner, Doug Wilson answers questions about the NCSC Open Source Alternative Assessment Platform, including what it is, to which states it is accessible, and the minimal licensing costs associated with it.

What is NCSC?

Breakthrough Technologies partnered with the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) to develop the NCSC online delivery platform for students with cognitive disabilities. The NCSC’s goal is to ensure that students with significant cognitive disabilities achieve higher academic outcomes and leave high school ready for post‐secondary options.  Highly flexible and scalable, educators can adapt it to their unique school system. The system can be deployed across various platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, delivering text, images, audio and video content. The system ensures the security of test and scoring data, and seamlessly links student enrollment, administrator qualification, and student demographic data functions with the test delivery platform. Breakthrough prioritized ease-of-use. The platform’s navigation is intuitive and clear, so students can efficiently make their way through their assessments without any issues. Extensive testing was performed to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of accessibility tools including: gaze tracking, integrated audio content, keyboard navigation, screen readers, and hardware (custom keyboards).

For more information:

contact BT at 847.864.0033 | e-mail

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