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Being an ally is not a singular act

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

During Black History Month, we celebrate Black leaders, scientists, engineers, citizens, and students who have had an impact on this country and driven positive change throughout our communities.

We share what we have learned and continue to learn about the far-reaching impact Black Americans have made in science and technology. Each day of the year we honor Black citizens' contributions and educate ourselves and others to these remarkable role models who have advanced our society in extensive and vital ways. Representation of BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) is an integral part of equity and inclusion.

Each month, not just in February, we seek to include news, links, images, studies, articles, and interviews that feature and promote Black leadership in different fields of study.

Being an ally is not a singular act or event. Allyship involves active listening, asking questions, and finding ways to empower marginalized voices. Let’s extend this commitment to every day of the year and celebrate the diverse voices and experiences that continue to shape and enrich our country.

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