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Beware - Junior Makers About!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Today is the National "Take our Sons and Daughters to Work Day" in the U.S.  Breakthrough did this event a couple of years ago, and it was deemed a great success, so we decided to try it again this year.  You should see some photos in the coming days, but today the office is filled with the sounds of over 15 junior makers busy with arts and crafts, technology, and business-related activities.

We named our Event "Maker Day 2014" in honor of the maker culture that we have grown to adopt over the past years.  At its heart, we see the maker culture as one where we are using our brains and our hands to create new things, to fearslessly question the things and ideas around us, and to produce, or make, continuously throughout our lives.  We feel that the future of the planet is more secure and prosperous when it is placed in the hands of thousans, and millions, and even billions of smart young people with anergy and passion for creativitry and problem solving, and we are very excited to introduce and enforce these conceots with our young makers here at the office today.

It is our privelege to host these curious, inventive youths at our facility and we are excited to introduce them to the world of interesting creative careers based on technology.

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