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Breakthrough's Mythical Unicorn

By: Monique Muldrow

The times they are a changin’ for Breakthrough Technologies’ humble, yet exceptional group. We are in the midst of expanding our BT family and upping our respective game. So, when Breakthrough’s Visual Design Expert, Michelle Sus decided to join the User Experience team, it was quite the coup for them. Our UX team, lead by the savvy Litha Ramirez is proud to have Michelle Sus among them.

“Michelle is the mythical unicorn,” according to Litha. “She’s the perfect combination of creative and analytical. The combination of these two things provides our clients with beautiful, simple and intuitive solutions to elevate their business brand and delight their users. She can pretty much do anything.”

Michelle recently obtained her certification as a Certified Usability Analyst. Not ready to rest on her exceptional design skills, Michelle wanted to learn more about the UX field and in her words, “how to design interfaces that are more useable. I had a design-training ‘hunch’ for buttons etc., but couldn’t explain why the decision was made. Also, I believe a great thing to have in this industry is a formal understanding of the concept.”

So, in January she enrolled in a course with Human Factor International or HFI. HFI is notable for their reputation of having set the standard in the User Experience training arena. Eric Shafer, HFI founder, taught the class in which Michelle took part. “It’s a course called UX Foundations, focusing on Usability and UX Topics. I was lucky enough to have Eric Shafer teach my class.”

What’s next for the newly crowned Certified Usability Analyst? Michelle is continually looking to cultivate her skills. “I love helping our team and clients get maximum value out of each project. Continuing to refine my expertise in the area of SCRUM and Product Ownership is definitely a way I can do that.”

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