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Breakthrough's Unique Work-Life Balance Program Featured on NBC Chicago Business Blog

What makes us proud is when Breakthrough Technologies is recognized for our commitment to work-life balance for our staff. NBC Chicago business blog Ink.Well talks with Doug Wilson about Breakthrough’s unique Planned Staff Shortfall program that benefits our clients, our software developers and our company.

An excerpt of the article from NBC Chicago's Inc.Well blog:

The Case For Paying Employees for Extra Work

by Jabez LeBret and Edited by: David Wolinsky, Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012

Over the last several years it has become commonplace for management to ask their full-time employees to work more hours. With the adoption of cloud software and ease at which employees can now login and work from anywhere, the new normal seems to have become a 60-hour work week.

With a mounting fear of burnout, and the reality that working too many hours wil lead to a decrease in the quality of work, companies are seeking alternative solutions to motivating employees to work longer hours. Doug Wilson, CEO of the Chicago-based Breakthrough Technologies, and his leadership team came up with a novel solution to motivate their employees to want to work overtime...

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