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Breakthrough Travels to Das Land Der Dichter Und Denker

[This message has been screened and censored to prevent the publication of sensitive information.]

Top tier members of the Breakthrough team have recently returned from a successful mission in Germany. Managing Partner, Doug Wilson (left), and Director of Product Engineering, Bea Cruz (other end of the camera), were in the land of poets and thinkers working on a sensitive project with Abbott labs that involved stark white lab coats and space suits.

The full details of our activities in Germany as as follows: [ULTRA SECRET]. We've teamed up with Abbott Labs to [ULTRA SECRET] and improved the lives of many by doing so. 

Many thanks go to the [ULTRA SECRET], for the triumph of our mission rested completely on the generous loan of the proper gear.

We are also indebted to Tino Berndt (right), our interpreter during the trip, for granting us the ability to understand what everyone was saying. 

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