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BT CAN ... Help The Homeless

BT was proud to support Connections for the Homeless at their THRIVE event this weekend. They are an organization based in Evanston, IL that is working to end homelessness, one person at a time. Their 4 pronged approach has made a huge difference to the homeless in Evanston through homelessness prevention, housing placement, sheltering for immediate needs and advocating for changes in the local and state governments that will help the people that need it the most. In 2020 they had to shift everything they were doing and were able to procure hotel rooms to shelter people from COVID-19 and keep local restaurants working to help feed them. They have their finger on the pulse of homelessness and we are thrilled to be able to help them on this journey. BT is looking forward to doing more with Connections for the Homeless in the future, such as volunteering and in-kind donations.

This is the first of many philanthropic endeavors that BT CAN (Community Action Network) will pursue. Stay tuned for more!

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