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Simulations! Announcing our new Virtuoso service

Life has certainly changed quickly, with online learning and virtual testing becoming a requirement almost overnight. Our new Virtuoso service takes remote learning to the next level by incorporating virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) into assessments, allowing users to demonstrate skills and test their knowledge in an interactive and lifelike way. Doug Wilson, Managing Partner at Breakthrough Technologies, gives an inside look at this next-generation technology and how virtual simulations can create an immersive and engaging user experience.

What was the inspiration behind Virtuoso?

We created Virtuoso services in response to seeing a need for innovative learning and performance-based assessment technology combined with development and assessment expertise. Many learning assessment technology vendors provide off-the-shelf solutions, but we’ve found several organizations are looking for a more custom approach that creates a way for an innovative idea to be integrated into what they’re already doing today. We work with partners that help build and develop the custom and creative things you want to do, like virtual reality or simulation, and use our learning and assessment know-how to help you integrate that new technology into your current learning management system (LMS) or assessment platform.

What are the benefits of virtual simulations in assessments?

The complexity of the world at which we’re trying to measure is changing at a high velocity and we need to figure out how to adapt our assessment technology to keep pace with these changes. Virtuoso can create an engaging web-based environment that closely mirrors real-life experiences where users are able to actively demonstrate on-the-job tasks and techniques, anytime, anywhere. So, even when users are not in the lab or workplace, they can practice their skills, manipulate simulated equipment and perform “hands-on” procedures in a safe and controlled setting. Virtual simulations can help maximize the testing and assessment potential of an organization in a cost-effective and exciting way.

What makes Virtuoso unique?

When a client comes to us, we won’t just present you with a product, we like to look more broadly and creatively. We have many options and vendor partners to choose from and we’ll help find the right technology for your assessment requirements. Virtuoso items can be integrated into your current learning and assessment platform and by working with the latest technology, there are no constraints as to where you can deliver that lesson or test. Most of the solutions we provide are based on the latest digital technology, so testing is browser-based and mobile, making content completely portable. Plus, as workplace or learning requirements evolve and testing needs change, we can quickly adapt assessments to stay up-to-date, saving you both time and money.

Who should consider using Virtuoso? 

Many of the organizations we work with are looking to improve their learning and assessments and wish to propel their testing into the future, while still keeping cost in mind. Our clients are often unsatisfied with the status quo and have new ideas and initiatives they would like to explore. They also need a solution that can encompass the complexity of the domain in which they are working. Whether you’re transitioning from a paper or pencil exam or looking to expand your current program, we seamlessly tie innovative technology into your existing platform. You can count on us to help build whatever it is you need and bring a more enriching, fun, and innovative spin to your professional learning and assessments.

For more information about Virtuoso and how to take remote learning to the next level, please contact

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