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Code.Gov Now Online!

The Federal Government has initiated a series of activities that are designed to enable the efficient reuse of open source and hybrid software for federal software contracts.

Breakthrough Technologies is proud to be one of the many companies who have volunteered to help move this initiative forward.

To this end, the launch of is in process.  If you go to the site today, you can sign up for email updates on the status of the initiative.  Currently a schema for the kinds of project data that will eventually be available on is under review.

The Chief Information Officer of the Federal Government has issued guidance that they will require 20% of federally-purchased software to be open source, existing purchased software, or a hybrid of open and commercial source code licenses.  Currently, the Federal Government spends about $6 billion dollars annually on software development.

Breakthrough is excited that the United States is finally adopting a progressive position on the use of open source software within the Federal Contracting domains.  We are also excited to be at the forefront of deploying cloud-based, open source solutions for government groups using modern, open standards for development and interoperability.  We feel this strategy puts our ideas on technology at the epicenter of this important government initiative.

Visit or for more information.

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