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Dare to be Different

What are you doing differently in 2016? It’s a great time to ask yourself the question. It's January in Chicago. We are forced to deal with the task of staying alive in a winter that should by all rights extinguish our species or at least force us south for a few months. It’s difficult to contemplate strategy when you’re trying to stay alive.

So I ask again, what are you doing differently in 2016? Is it time to invest in several of your teams that could use a performance boost? Is it time to dust off that customer acquisition strategy you first circulated in 2014? What about that bar conversation that with a little bit of investment, could potentially shift to a discussion about a merger?

At Breakthrough, we always look for what’s broken. It’s the engineering culture in us. If we’re not fixing or improving something, we get restless. Antsy. We feel like there are opportunities being missed. It is this culture of continuous improvement that allows us to perform in an industry that changes at a pace unseen in human history.

It also is a point of personal stress. In eighteen years, I can’t think of one evening where I went to bed thinking “Everything is going so well. I just need to maintain.”

Just a heads-up. Change is coming. Be on the lookout. And while you’re at it, look at your own organization and make a few changes. Get ahead of your board, of your managers and supervisors, get ahead of your industry.

When organizations anticipate, plan and execute, staff and management call that change.

When other organizations outside that team see your change, they call it leadership.

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