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Doug Heads to the Birthplace of Jazz to Speak at IMS Global's BIG EVENT!

By: Monique Muldrow

Advancing education technology is near and dear to Breakthrough’s heart. So, when asked if he would speak at theIMS Global's premier annual event, “Learning Impact Leadership Institute,” he did not hesitate to say, “Yes!” FYI - The fact that there would be gumbo and beignets involved did not hinder his decision.

So, Doug hopped on a plane destined for NOLA today to take part in this gathering of great minds collectively focused on the advancement of technology in education. He will be conducting a session Thursday entitled, “The Benefits of Open: Rapid Ingestion and Deployment of APIP Content in a Multistate Assessment Program.”

IMS Global’s aim is to foster the community of people and the conception of ideas that will form the future of education technology; including, digital apps, tools, platforms and resources.

"Getting to where the education and learning technology sector needs to go in terms of innovation is only going to happen through a collective effort and shared investment across the entire ecosystem. It is great to see that a balanced critical mass of leaders, organizations and resources are rallying around an open architecture and joining the ecosystem - and making outstanding

progress in terms of implementation and adoption."

--Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive of IMS Global.

We can't wait to hear Doug’s thoughts on the event (and we're kind of hoping he'll bring back some beignets!). Stay tuned to hear all about it next week!

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