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Drupalcon 2016 in the Big Easy

By Monique Muldrow, Senior Marketing Manager

Ah spring, a time to celebrate… the emerging flowers, the warm weather, the mom in your life, and best of all – DRUPALCON! It is DrupalCon season - time to plant the Drupal seeds and watch your skills grow.  DrupalCon 2016took the Breakthrough team to NOLA, where we spent the week enjoying the ah-mazing cuisine and the warm weather. 

DrupalCon, the biggest Drupal event of the year brings developers from across the globe together to share their work and knowledge, as well as gain new skills and (bonus) new friends. The Breakthrough team was happy to be there as a gold sponsor of the event. 

Eric Kirsner and Trevor Schara completed their Aquia certifications to become Grand Master Drupal Devs. Breakthrough is quite proud of our Drupal team and can now brag that we have 6 Grand Masters. Congratulations Eric and Trevor! You are in good company.

A big crowd showed up to hear BT’s Brian Perry present a BOF (Birds of a Feather) session Wednesday, entitled, Style Guide and Visual Regression Workflows. 

An open discussion covering tools that we've used to generate living style guides and perform visual regression testing on Drupal sites.  What have we had success with?  How did we get it to play nice with Drupal?  What would we like to see in the future? Brian gave his informative insights and led an active discussion with an engaged crowd.

With fresh Drupal stickers in place and new Drupal-wear in bags, the team packed up the week with Friday sprints.

Thank you DrupalCon NOLA! We learned a lot, ate a lot, and had a whole lot of fun! Laissez le bon temps rouler!

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