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Finding a Top Tech Team in a Tight Market

A big tip of the hat to Crain’s Chicago Business for basically helping write a value proposition for Breakthrough Technologies.  John Pletz’s recent article, “The Price of Downtown Tech Talent is Going Up” is no news to us.  It discusses the tech talent troubles CTOs face as they look to build a high-performing development team.

With developer salaries rising, it’s increasingly difficult not only to vet talent to find the right developer in this tight market, but convince them to choose your company over the other five or six job offers that they might field.  

As Pletz notes, “It goes way beyond just needing a mobile app.  More companies are putting their internal software on mobile platforms and using it to reach their customers, making already-scarce app developers harder to find.  Coupled with the ‘big-data’ push to gather and mine ever-larger piles of information, it's ratcheting up demand for tech talent.”

And this doesn’t even address retention of that talent.  No one wants to deal with unrestrained developer turnover and the ramp-up it requires to onboard a new member each time the previous one doesn’t pan out.

For years Breakthrough has known about, talked about, and prepared for this growing tech talent shortage. (See our 2012 blog, Looking to Hire Mobile Developers?  Don’t Bother.)  That’s why we have in place smart business practices that attract and retain the best talent to serve our clients. 

Breakthrough’s clients need never lose sleep over the stresses of hiring the right team.  Our smart, local teams of knowledgeable people are ready to make an immediate impact on business through seamlessly developed software solutions.

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