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Happy Birthday, Venture!

Venture is proud to announce our 1st Anniversary! Our platform went live on June 20, 2021, and we are delighted to be able to celebrate a successful launch with our school partners!

From the beginning, we recognized that Venture would be a unique classroom tool for science teachers. “Creating a best-in-class formative assessment platform required the best development and content authoring teams. We had seen many platforms that had dynamic platforms, but lacked the power of real NGSS content,” said Doug Wilson, managing partner at Breakthrough Technologies. “With Venture we were blessed with an amazing technology group and content developed by classroom practitioners. It was a win-win."

Geoff Burroughs, a science teacher and one of the Venture content developers, said, “As I worked on Venture, I was impressed with how we were laying it out because we were aiming to give people solid questions that tied into the idea of scientific thinking. It allowed us to start from the standard first, so the big ideas are captured. Since science involves hands-on, activity-based content, it is important that the language and questions accurately test this knowledge.”

Our user base agrees! With over 300 Venture users from Connecticut to Hawaii, teachers and administrators have praised this dynamic platform unanimously.

  • I like that the student/class data is color-coded and tied to the standard for the specific question. It makes it easy to analyze student progress with specific standards.”

  • “I like the alignment of the NGSS standards with pre-made assessments. It is easy to find assessments that are aligned to the standards being covered in the science classroom.”

  • “Thank you for including videos for set up! Really helpful!”

  • “Excellent! I love that kids can redo the questions until they get it correct but I can see how many times they redid the question to know what I need to reteach."

  • “Super easy to work and found tutorials on how to make my own assessments.”

It’s been a terrific year, and we are excited to look ahead to next year. Our development team is looking at new question types and extended answer rubrics, and our content team is looking at including support for math skills and additional languages like Spanish.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at

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