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iMedical Apps Recommends the Emergency Medical Spanish Guide App by Mavro Inc.

Updated: May 31, 2019

Mavro Inc. develops mobile apps with a mission to bring products to the medical market that are beautifully designed, simple to use and effective. In the spirit of this mission, their Emergency Medical Spanish Guide (EMSG) iOS app bridges the gap between Spanish language patients and their healthcare providers during emergency situations.

iMedical Apps, a leading physician publication on mobile medicine, has recently posted a review praising the utility of the EMSG in emergency situations. The app uses audio accompaniment and written phrases to facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking patients and non-Spanish speaking healthcare providers within a wide range of medicinal topics.

Other usability features that iMedical Apps highlights are that each topic is associated with it's own color, making topics easily decipherable on a small screen, and useful functionality that comes with a paid subscription, such as the ability to bookmark phrases and use flashcards. 

Likes - according to iMedicalApps

  • Colorful design and easy navigation

  • Spanish audio for communicating with non-English speaking patients

  • Bookmarking capabilities (only in full paid version)

  • Written questions/statements in both English and Spanish

  • Transparent information about the app and its developers

  1. Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 4

  2. User Interface – 4

  3. Multimedia usage – 4 (utilizes an audio component for audibly communication)

  4. Price – 4

  5. Real world applicability – 4

We were proud to note that not only did iMedical Apps bestow a stellar review they also recommended that users download the Emergency Medical Spanish Guide. Breakthrough Technologies focuses on building technology that facilitates communication, engagement and positive change but we're also working to ensure our clients receive well-deserved recognition for their investments. 

The entire review of the EMSG is available on the iMedical Apps website. Mavro Inc. also has a video demo so you can see the EMSG app in action.

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