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Life is Better with Beer and Bar-B-Que

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Our latest company event was much too tasty to keep quiet about. Doug, one of our managing partners, had the great idea of hiring a BBQ food truck to visit our offices in Evanston. With the help of Joe and Lauren Woodel, co-owners of Husky Hog BBQ we were participants in a feast of pulled-pork, brisket and chicken thighs.

As if the delectable meats weren’t enough Lauren served us hush puppies, cornbread, bacon baked beans, bread pudding, corn on the cob and the best mac’n’cheese. Yes, it was literally the best mac’n’cheese available for purchase. Go get some, quick!

After eating way too much (or too little?) delicious food, Joe Woodel, Owner and Head Chef, shared priceless secrets on how to create our own BBQ masterpieces at home. His detailed demonstrations laced with southern charm and wit made this part of the event a company-wide favorite. See some more pictures from the event »

The popularity of food trucks exploded in Chicago this summer with the fleet adding up to about 100 vendors. Variety, mobility and an effective use of social media have greatly contributed to their success.

Chicago food trucks offer everything from pancakes to Cuban sandwiches and even gourmet popsicles all over the city. If you’re looking for amazing BBQ served up by the friendliest folks from the South, Husky Hog will hit the spot.

Finding a truck that is constantly on the move without regular business hours seems daunting but following trucks on Twitter and using apps like the Chicago Food Truck Finder make it surprisingly easy to find a truck near you.

Happy Hunting!

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