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MidCamp 2016 - The Recap!

By: Luke Anderson

It’s hard to believe that just four short years ago, the Midwest’s regional Drupal conference known as MidCamp had yet to make its debut.  And now, MidCamp 2016 is already three weeks into the history books!  We’re well overdue in giving a shout-out to the people who made this year (and who make every year’s MidCamp) such a fantastic camp…so here goes: 

Breakthrough has been a proud sponsor of MidCamp for three years running, and developers like evilehk have put in many hours of volunteer work to help keep the camp’s website running smoothly.  But he’s not alone – he’s joined by volunteers from all over Chicago and the rest of the Midwest, like zendoodles, kthull, yesct, froboy, ericjenkins, caffeinated, bannorb…and many more.  It’s thanks to these folks that also psyched that a Midwest regional camp has achieved this caliber of organization in such a short time, drawing such an impressive gathering of sponsors, attendees, and speakers.  

In the past, Breakthrough has contributed this talk by Eric and Will and this talk by Jack.  Breakthrough’s very proud of our team of top-notch Drupal developers, who enjoy the challenge of building websites and large-scale custom applications in Drupal.  Our Drupal team relies on the collective expertise of the world’s best open-source community -- one of the ways we can give back to the community is sponsoring and speaking at MidCamp, and we’re looking forward to doing it all again next year.

But this year, without a doubt our favorite speaker of all was Brian Perry (pictured above), who demonstrated his own creative and technical expertise while Chasing the Dream of Style Guide–Driven Development in Drupal 8.  We won’t ruin the excitement here – you’ll have to see his slides for yourself to catch all Brian’s tips and tricks in detail.  But in the recorded session itself, you’ll notice how Brian used his professional improv comedy chops to handle tough questions on the fly.  

Whether you’re looking ahead to MidCamp 2017, or DrupalCon New Orleans next month, some of you out there may be wondering about submitting a talk of your own.  If so, don’t let Brian’s sprezzatura scare you off -- almost every great camp presentation begins in a meetup, where Drupalists of all skill levels can try their hand at sharing their expertise with a welcoming audience.  A few of you may recognize Brian’s talk from the Northwest Suburban meetup, for example – maybe one of us will run into one of you there sometime soon, or maybe we’ll catch up with some of you at the next CADUG meeting.  

Hope to see you then!

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