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Quality Assurance Specialist - Henry Shin Everybody!

By: Monique Muldrow

Henry has a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, but he choose the QA route instead of that of software developer. We're so glad he did!

Tell us a little bit about your technical expertise and how you ended up with that skillset.

I want to start off by stating that I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I had no intentions of becoming a QA analyst as there are no college courses that offer this type of degree.  Most graduates obtain a job as a developer with this degree, but I ended up becoming a QA analyst.  All I knew that was the whole world revolved around computers and its wonders and that there would always be a need for someone in the field.  Basically, I was dragged into this realm by my first job and have been staying in this field ever since. 

Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

Neither but if I really had to decide, tea.  I tried coffee, but I really don’t know how others enjoy it.

IPhone or Galaxy?

iPhone due to its ease of use, portability & the HUGE amount of free apps available yet I am thinking about switching over to the dark side though…

Favorite hobbies?

Making life livable, enjoyable & challenging: Sleeping, eating, racing, customizing my car, car parts hunting, surfing the net, playing with my dog, exercising, video games, listening to music.

Favorite Movie or TV Show or Book?

Movie – The Protector

TV Show - Family Guy

Book – (need to regain)

Where does your allegiance lie? Apple, Microsoft, Google or [Other]?

Depends, it this software or hardware?

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in the state of Illinois in Crook, (ahem…I mean Cook) county my entire life.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those who have been here and there while growing up.  Sometimes I wish I had and sometimes not.

If you could choose anyone, whom would you pick as your mentor?

Tony Jaa.  Under his wing, I would become a lethal weapon and hone myself to destroy my mortal enemies.

Describe your earliest computing or Internet memory.

Elementary school, big dinosaur computers while playing Oregon Trails.  I think one computer weighed like 100lbs.  All I remember was that the computer was gigantic with a huge black scary monitor.

What software or websites couldn't you live without?  The site pretty much speaks for itself and who in the world does not know it?  It’s very useful and powerful, not to mention good stock options. 

Star Wars or Star Trek? Answer VERY carefully...

Star Trek (current version with the younger cast, lol).  I will admit, I dislike the older version.  It would probably put me to sleep, lol.  After watching ‘Into Darkness’, I was blown away and I hope J.J. Abrams continues to produce the current Star Trek movie series with the same or slightly different cast.

Who is your favorite artist/musician?

Jason Chen & DJ Tiesto.  I am a huge fan of trance music.  I encourage everyone to listen to some sort of trance.  It’s very uplifting and you will experience true happiness.  I discovered Jason Chen on YouTube and after listening to a song of his, I became addicted.  Listen to ‘Still in Love’.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? 

Life’s short, don’t waste it.  This is what I’ve been telling myself lately.  I really don’t want to be one of those who complains about it when they’re older.  Regret is painful.  Wasting time is unhealthy and it’s not good for the soul, so for everyone out there, be productive and try to have some fun while doing it.

What was your first job?

Catalog warehouse organizer.  I basically alphabetized a small company’s entire catalog inventory by shelving them and I was the only one.  Pay wasn’t too bad and I got to flip through a bunch of catalogs that contained cool, useless merchandise.

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