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Team Member Spotlight: Eric Kirsner

How long have you worked for BT?

11+ years

What is your job title?

Principal Software Engineer

What parts of our mission do you connect with?

Part of our mission is to build software that improves the world. In order for that, we strive for software that is easy to support, stable, secure, performant, and open source. We also build software that is helpful for our clients and that has a good purpose. It helps that the owners of the company are good people, who take care of its employees and provides an atmosphere to thrive and grow. It’s easy to connect with this mission when you know you are working for, and with, good people with good intentions.

What is your definition of success?

Working on a project that has a clear definition of success, and achieving that where the client is happy.

Who would you select as a mentor if you could choose anybody, and why?

Katrina (Director of Program Management at BT). I admire the way she handles multiple projects and keeps ahead of all aspects of each project. She does a great job running affective meetings and helping where needed and builds a good relationship with our clients.

What advice would you provide to someone interested in your field?

Keep learning new things, and don’t ever assume you’ve mastered anything.

What skill do you think everyone should learn?

Attention to detail. This is important when helping your team find the most effective approach to a problem. Also communication, which is always important!

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Helping BT increase delivery of assessment platforms. In particular working on the ISA project.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

To make a bucket list.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Never ask a question you don’t have an answer to. -unknown

What is your favorite hobby?

Anything physical. I enjoy riding my road bike in the summer. I hope to one day get back into triathlons!

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