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The Makers have Returned!

By: Monique Muldrow, Senior Director of Marketing

The makers have returned! Thursday, April 28, 2016, Breakthrough hosted a large group of future techies ranging in age from toddlers to teens. The day began with a breakfast welcome and introduction by Doug, and the office grand tour by Randy. The young "smart-creatives" spent the day enjoying activities such as coding, cooking, a virtual reality demonstration, boat making, boat races, improv games, and an entire room dedicated to Lego play. The junior creatives capped off the day with a party at the Firehouse Grill, where exhausted and hungry makers fed their tummies instead of their curiosities (for a little while anyway).

Thank you to Gaia Levy for this lovely pictorial of the day!

A Maker Day Pictorial by Gaia Levy

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