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The Top Ten Reasons We Are Facing an IT Shortage

There has been quite a bit of noise about the increased demand for qualified developers – of which there is a limited supply. The rigorous growth of the mobile market has further complicated the dilemma by adding the need for another group of highly specialized positions that are difficult to fill precisely because they are in an emerging field. See more on this track in Looking to Hire Mobile Developers? Don’t Bother.

In an effort to understand and explain exactly how this situation came about I’ve prepared a comprehensive list of what my research shows to be the top contributors.

  1. An obvious lack of reality TV shows in the past 15 years about programming in Java.

  2. The Kardashians seem to have excluded IT developers as candidates for spouses and/or genetic donors for their children.

  3. Extremist organizations, confused by the acronym, have widely boycotted schools that promote STEM learning, thinking it has something to do with stem cells.

  4. Although once thought likely, Jermey Lin's "Linsanity" has not spread to other lin-based words such as "Linux"."

  5. Developing in open source" sounds too much like "developing open sores.”

  6. Fortune 500 organizations, not content with shipping jobs overseas, have moved to sending workers overseas and maximizing short-term returns by purchasing one-way tickets.

  7. Steve Wozniak's campaign to "bring sexy back" to software was short-lived.

  8. Gadget-laden apparel and lifestyles popular for many years by IT employees seem to be limiting reproductive opportunities.

  9. Most IT folks now support themselves through simple barter in exchange for figuring out "how to get the damn video off my camera.”

  10. Honey badger don't care about IT labor shortages.

Obviously many of these factors are completely out of our control (a.k.a. the Kardashians) but with some work I think we can prove that the Honey Badger actually does care.

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