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Today is an important day

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

On June 19, 1865, union forces arrived in Galveston TX, marking federal enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation, made two years earlier, and effectively ending the legal practice of slavery in America.

Over a century later, we are still faced with stunning evidence of the inequality of our justice system and how it treats our fellow citizens of color. At Breakthrough, we are anxious to act. We want to see justice served.

But first, we will take a moment, and we will listen. We will make it a priority to understand, to measure ourselves against the moment, to identify our course of action; to look beyond each situation and look at the systemic roots exposed by these horrific actions.

We will listen to the black community. We will listen to people of color. We will listen to individuals in marginalized communities — and then we will act.

As a company, we will act within our state’s schools to improve the education and station of children in Illinois. We can give our children the educational tools to create perspective and allow them to become their own agents of change, as they demand a life free of discrimination, persecution, prejudice, bigotry and hate.

Randy and I are dedicated to leading this company in a way that not only benefits our employees and the community in which we work, but that inspires a better, smarter, safer, more just world.

We are listening and are committed to a long game of focused action. By fostering skills and talent in communities of diversity and teaching what we know to diverse young people, we help empower these generations.

For Rayshard Brooks, for Breonna Taylor, for George Floyd, for Ahmaud Arbery — we pledge to make this world better. To remember the names of those not served by our society, to listen and understand how it can be made better, and to work tirelessly for a better future.

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