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We're Hired! The Village of Oak Park's Website is Going Drupal

The latest buzz at Breakthrough Technologies has been dominated by a possible project for the Village of Oak Park. Lucky for us our efforts and wishes were rewarded when on August 6 village board members voted 6 to 1 in favor of using Breakthrough to redesign their current website. That’s a win by a landslide!

How did we pull it off you ask? Well, we recommended using Drupal.

With its huge community of developers and large offering of open source features, the Drupal CMS practically sells itself. Combine the might of Drupal with Breakthrough’s mastery of tying in custom tech with our client’s existing applications and you’ve got the Municipal Website Redesign Dream Team or MWRDT. Rolls off the tongue, right?

Kevin Leonard, our business development manager for associations and nonprofits, summed up our enthusiasm for the project during the Village’s board meeting – “We’re excited about the challenge. This isn’t just another website. This is a really cool opportunity to do something for a whole community of people.

Oak Park is a diverse community deserving of an informative and intuitive website to better serve the needs of all of its residents.

In the coming months we will share more about the improvements we’re making to the VOP’s web presence.

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