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Why We Rejected Mobile Frameworks and went Totally Native

By: Bradley Walker

Developing a winning mobile User Experience (UX) is similar to delivering a culinary masterpiece to restaurant-goers. The minimization of hurdles between the harvest of produce and the dinner plate makes for a memorable outing because the dish is untainted. In the world of application development, Native Software Development Kits (SDKs) are the purest method by which an application can be developed. Similar to the farm-to-table dining experience, mobile products are best developed with the most organic tools available.

Apple’s Xcode and Google’s Android Project Studio are the toolboxes Breakthrough Technologies utilizes to deliver world-class mobile applications. Although, there are multiple SDKs available in the marketplace that can be utilized to build a viable mobile product, we prefer to deliver the purest mobile UX to our clients. The practice of employing SDKs developed by the parent companies of a particular Operating System (OS) is known as ‘native development’.

The practice of using third-party tools to develop iOS and Android applications lends itself to multiple points of failure. Version updates to an OS typically include bug fixes, enhancements to existing functionality and new feature rollouts. Deploying a version update to take advantage of new OS features with a third-party tool can be plagued with issues. When OS owners release new versions of their OS, third-party companies begin scrambling to update their own SDKs to facilitate the addition and deprecation of methods within the tool. Once an app is in the wild and available for consumption by the market, release delays and bugs can often lead to an abandonment of the product by its user base. This is akin to restaurant-goers exploring new establishments when a dining experience is tainted by the mass-production of dishes to accommodate scale.

Breakthrough Technologies is a purist when it comes to mobile development, and we’re looking forward to building your next breakthrough.

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