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Adult Certification Practice Testing Portal


The Challenge

Custom Portal Features on Open-Source Prices

TherapyEd provides training and practice tests for a variety of occupational therapy credentials, including the NBCOT, NPTE, PTA and PRAXIS credentials.  TherapyEd was looking for a way to bring their tests online.  Their business model consisted of delivering training and practice tests to higher education organizations where folks were training for these occupations.  Their exam delivery had been restricted to USB drives that were distributed with their practice workbooks.  This created a costly production process that was somewhat inflexible and not easy to change month-to-month.

The Solution

Breakthrough built a platform based on the Valuate platform.  It was easy and super-fast to setup and install.  By using Drupal and TAO, there were no licensing costs and TherapyEd knew they were getting world-class content management for the test taker experience, and one of the best, most standards-compliant assessment platforms on the planet.

But we didn't stop there.  In the months since that platform went live, TherapyEd has continued to invest in support and customization services from Breakthrough, as new test programs, innovative item types, and new modes of learning are supported.

We can't wait to see where we'll end up with TherapyEd's platform of the future!

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