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Breakthrough's Litha Ramirez Named a Finalist for Chicago's Best Technology Manager

By: Monique Muldrow, Senior Marketing Director

The 1st Annual Chicago Timmy Awards are upon us! We are honored to tell you that Breakthrough's prodigious Director of Experience Strategy and Design, Litha Ramirez, is one of ten finalists in the running for Chicago's Best Technology Manager. Perhaps even more notable, is the fact that she is the one and only woman to make this exclusive list. Needless to say, the Breakthrough team is proud and primed to support Litha. We each cast a daily vote for our well-deserving colleague (join the fun and vote for Litha here!).

To those of us who know and work with Litha, you might say, it's unusual for her to be lacking words. She always has something to say – always (and we love that about her). Yet, when asked how she felt about making the final list of nominees for Chicago's Best Tech Manager, she was well, speechless. She took a moment to gather her thoughts and said, "I'm honored, and humbled. I don’t expect these kinds of things. I don’t really think about them."

Litha has boundless energy and enthusiasm for her job, which is contagious around here. In the short time she's been with Breakthrough, she has built and effectively leads a talented team of ten hybrid UX/Business Analysts as well as three Visual Design professionals. She has built her team from the ground up and continues to promote the growth of our company.

"I want places and people to be the best they can. That's my job. It's also my job to provide my team with vision and goals to help the business drive forward, and I want it to be fun," said Litha.

“Litha’s management skills are exemplary. I’ve found her to be an amazing mentor that challenges her team to improve their technical and people skills. She’s constantly looking for new ways to improve the way people work together at BT, in and outside of her department, all while cracking jokes to keep things fun.”  - Senior Visual Designer, Michelle Sus

"Because Litha has a strong background both in User Experience and Scrum, she’s been outstanding at providing guidance on how to marry the two, and was an invaluable mentor especially during my first few months of Product Ownership.” - Lead User Experience & Business Analyst, Gabby Hon

It's always easy to decipher where the Experience Strategy and Design group is meeting, as there is often a roar of laughter radiating from the conference room they occupy.

"They are really capable. I want people to bring their best to the table. Letting them be their best and helping them to be their best is one of my primary jobs. I want people to feel valued and that they are having fun and being challenged.

"I think being an optimist is something that helps. I’m a pragmatic optimist." said Litha, when asked about the secret to her success. She is also quick to lend credit to the Breakthrough Technology family. "I work with an awesome group of people. When you work in the right environment, it makes a huge difference. Very few companies encourage people to be their best and to be themselves."

Litha walks alone as the only female Director here at Breakthrough, and though she's 5'4", she stands tall among the men. She a strong, creative, focused, good-hearted and highly effective leader. We are gratified to have her on the BT team.

Hosting the "The Timmys" is Tech in Motion, a national events organization designed by and for tech enthusiasts. Jobspring Partners & Workbridge Associates created the group "with the goal of bringing local tech communities together to meet, learn, and innovate."

Voting is open to everyone and daily participation (through August 19th) is encouraged.

There are three categories for which you can vote:

Chicago's Best Tech Startup - VOTE NOW!Chicago's Best Technology Manager - VOTE NOW for LITHA RAMIREZ!Chicago's Best Technology Work Culture - VOTE NOW!

Winners will be announced at The Timmy Awards Gala on Thursday, August 27th. Go get 'em Litha!

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